Pack On The Go is your shippingmovingpacking company located in Florida.

Senior Relocation
Pack On The Go

Not Your Average Moving Company ! We are a full service, packaging, shipping moving and delivery company. Our goal is to stand above the rest, by offering professional packing and moving assistance.

Our Services

Moving, Packing & Unpacking

Full service moving, packing, unpacking and organizational services

Lay-Out of your Home

We help design the lay-out of your new home (tell you what can fit where)

Re-Sale of Unused Items

Arrange help with the re-sale of items you will not be using.

Change of Address

Assist you with change of address and transfer utilities to your new residence.

Pack & Ship

Pack and ship anything anywhere (help get those family heirlooms anywhere in the country).

Donations & Discards

Arrange and prepare for donation and discards.

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