Pack Out/ Pack Back Service

There are time in life when you come enter into a disaster such as flooding in your home or business – or maybe you are performing a large renovation such as new flooring and need your belongings removed¬†while work is being performed. No matter the issue, moving all of one’s belongings while work is being done can be stressful to the owner of the property.

At Pack On The Go, we specialize in pack out/pack back service, including content management. When we start a job, we meticulously chart and measure out where every piece of furniture is, where the rugs are, which walls are hanging which artwork, where personal belongings such as family pictures were placed, where decorations were placed, how the kitchen was organized, etc. We take the time to get this right.

Next we carefully pack all the furniture and belongings so they are safe, secure and will not break during transit. We offer a private, secure and air conditioned storage facility to keep your possessions safe while renovations are being performed.

When it’s time to deliver the items back to the home or business, we unpack all items and place them exactly where they were initially located.

Our goal is to make this entire process as easy, stress free and simple as possible for our customers.

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