You Should Call A Mover First!

Why you should call a mover before putting your home on the market.


  MOVING… Ugg!!! It’s time consuming, stressful, frustrating. The whole ordeal can leave your head spinning. Preparing to relocate is such a project it’s like having another full-time job where you’re the boss and you can’t find good employees.

If you have been in your home for a while, you have likely accumulated a lot more than you think since you moved in. There were gifts received from holidays and birthdays, maybe added furniture from when you started decorating the now old space. And let’s not forget those dark corners. You know the ones like the back-left side of the hall closet, the tippy top shelf of the kitchen cabinet, the crawl space under the stairs. There are scary things hiding in there that you haven’t seen in a while since you last dumped the things you couldn’t find a home for! The thought of having to pack and sort through everything starts to feel heavy on your shoulders. But hey, it’s a great time to cleanse. I always love the “fresh start” feeling of a new place or the opportunity to find a display for the vase that’s been hiding under the sink since my mom gave it to me 4 years ago.

So now it’s time to take action. You are ready to list and move on to the next chapter of your life. You are looking forward to a smooth sale of your home for a great price like what your neighbor Stacey got for hers 3 months ago. You invite her agent over to talk about listing your home for sale with their company expecting to get all kinds of compliments on your stylish décor and the beautiful wall of little faces smiling with ice cream smeared across their cheeks. Then surprisingly your new Real Estate Agent has suggested that you “de-personalize” your home before showing it to perspective buyers to help secure a sale for the best price.

I have a lot of personal things on display!

De-personalize… That’s an interesting concept. I get the idea and it is an important part of the plan, but it feels like your telling me my stuff is no good or tasteless and my family is nothing to be proud of. I can tell you that is not the case at all. Don’t take it personally (no pun intended) Do you ever go to get something at the store and realize there are just too many choices to make an easy decision? That’s because people are so different, with different tastes and styles. What puts a smile on your face might make someone else cringe. No offence, but I wouldn’t want to put a picture of YOUR mom on MY mantel. I am not really a fan of gold when it comes to my furniture, but I have seen some lovely golden homes over the years. And a few from that 70’s show.

Now think about this, when you are looking for a new home you want to find a place that you can make your own, the perfect corner for that antique rocking chair that’s been in the family for decades. Maybe the perfect super bowl sectional and curved TV. You want to be able to imagine your things, your personal touches, and truly be able to see the potential a home has to accommodate your needs. When a home is full of other people’s things specially if they are not even close to the same taste, it hinders the buyer’s ability to see the true potential. If the rooms are filled with your loving family faces, it could be too distracting to look past and imagine their own happiness. On the other side of that, you wouldn’t want a totally empty home for sale either as it would only feel deserted, abandoned, and not very inviting. It can also appear smaller in my opinion. As you are now looking around your home at the years of history and memories it starts to dawn on you that everything is personal. How do you take “personal” out of the house without removing the whole house?

Believe it or not, you can actually hire a company to stage your home. It’s true, there are people that will bring in a minimal amount of furniture that is fairly neutral in the style department and will help open up the overall appearance of your home. Who would have thought to hire an interior decorator that specializes just in making your home more sellable? Honestly, this is a good service if you have an empty home your trying to sell. You don’t buy the staging furniture, you borrow it.

If you’re lucky, you will have chosen a good realtor with some experience in the neighborhood to know what is selling quickly. Knowing the types of buyers that are interested in your neighborhood might help in staging your home for a faster sale. Is it a retirement community? Are they young families? What would they want to see in their home the most? No, I am not saying you should run out and spend a bunch of money on a big screen TV or install a swing set in the back yard, but it doesn’t hurt to know your desirable features and help to put some emphasis on them.

Clean and Simple

Over all the simplest way to prepare your home for sale is to pack up all the personal touches, pictures, trophies, the extra jackets hanging by the door, and the stuffed fish you caught during the first trip to Main. The surfaces should be pretty clean and bare. The rooms should not be cramped with too much furniture or too large of furniture. Anywhere you can slim and simplify is the best. If you shop for a bedroom set you will never see them displaying photos and jewelry stands to help the sale. They don’t cover the top of a buffet with pretend families in picture frames. Just the featured pieces with the extra touch of a lamp or throw rug are displayed. You want your prospects to see your home, not your stuff.

So now that you have a great big pile of stuff you need to hide until you move what are you going to do with it?? You can’t fill the garage with it because that won’t help the sale either. You call a mover (like Pack On The Go)!! Yes, the movers can help a lot before the actual move. Not to mention everyone always waits on that because they don’t have a closing date, and it becomes a last-minute decision. Those kinds of decisions rarely go well and usually end with “darn I should have done that instead..” Not to mention the short notice to the moving company means they may need to squeeze you in instead of giving you the attention you require.

A good quality mover (like Pack On The Go) that has been in business for a while, has a good reputation, is licensed and insured, and offers the services you might need. Pack On The Go offers packing, unpacking, air-conditioned storage, worldwide shipping. Not only can you get your estimate for moving in advance and know what to prepare for, but you can have them help you pack up everything you don’t need to use early and get a big head start. I find it easier to write smaller checks for some reason. Getting a head start on the move means I will have already paid for a good portion of my move out before the home is even sold. They can keep everything in storage until your new home is ready to be moved into. Can you imagine getting the perfect price for your home but it is contingent upon moving out promptly and you haven’t even started packing?

Being ahead of the game makes everything go smoother. If you packed and moved a lot of your personal items already, it will be faster and easier to clear out for the new home owner and less of a burden during crunch time. Moving is one of the most stressful things a person does through their lifetime. It’s up there with planning funerals. You can make it a little easier with some proper prepping and planning. Don’t wait to meet with a relocation specialist from a reliable moving company like Pack On The Go. Estimates are free and it pays to be prepared in advance.

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  1. One of the most frequently asked questions is how long before a move should the moving company be hired? The short response is, it’s best to start calling movers as soon as possible, especially if you ‘re planning a move during the summer months, the busiest time of the year.

  2. I like that you touched on the idea of getting all the unnecessary items out of the home. It makes sense that random items that are generally in a home might take away from the look. Keeping this in mind for when I want to move could be good because I have a lot of junk and if I can hire a mover to get it out of the way, my house could be much more appealing.

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