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Having to remove unwanted or damaged items from your home or business can be a daunting task. Our clean out services can take away the hassle of removing and disposing of unwanted items. Whether you're dealing with damaged articles, piled up garbage bags, loose debris, or large pieces of furniture, Pack On The Go can take on the heavy lifting to get everything cleared out and hauled away efficiently and disposed of properly.

Typically, Pack On The Go handles clean out and disposal in one of three different ways ways:

  • We mark the items and leave them onsite for the restoration company to dispose of.
  • We get authorization from the insurance carrier for immediate disposal and remove the items from the home.
  • On high-end claims, we inventory and return to the warehouse for storage until the project or claim is complete, then we dispose of the items.

We've been providing clean out and disposal service for years, and we have the experience to handle your family's possessions with care and professionalism. From the largest to the smallest clean out job we'll proceed with speed and knowledge.

Clean Out and Disposal Service is perfect for:

Water Damage
Fire Damage
Mold Damage
Attic Clean Out
Basement Clean Out
Garage Clean Out
Furniture Removal
Appliance Removal
Shed Clean Out
Business Clean Out
Factory Clean Out