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Quick View - Hurricane Season is Here!

Pack On The Go is your go-to contents source in the time of need. After a catastrophic loss, you may experience confusion and despair. You look at your home and think “I can rebuild.” But what about your belongings? Where do you start to assess what is salvageable and what is not? What do you do about your prized possessions? That is where we come in.

Pack On The Go is one of the industry’s most respected contents management companies. Our customers include:

  • Homeowners
  • Insurance Carriers
    • Desk Adjusters
    • Field Adjusters
  • Restoration Companies
  • Public Adjusters
  • Independent Adjusters
  • Insurance Adjusters

We service all types of losses, including:

Fire and Smoke
Fires are especially devastating to your property and contents. After the fire trucks leave, not only will there be fire destruction, but also widespread smoke and water damage. Contents need to be removed immediately and cleaned to prevent further damage.
Water damage is a serious issue and can lead to many other problems if not resolved immediately. After damage caused by water, contents must be removed from the home or business to prevent further damage that can ruin the item itself and lead to bacteria, fungi and mold around it.
Mold is often associated with water damage, but it can be a major threat on its own. Mold thrives in areas affected by humidity, but it can also be found in areas of lower humidity levels. Mold grows fast and cross-contaminates quickly. It can cause irreparable damage if not caught early.
Don’t underestimate the power of wind. High-velocity winds can cause serve damage to your property and belongings. Windstorms can blow off roofs, break windows and cause trees to fall on your property. Once wind is inside your home or business, it can cause water, sand, dust and light exposure damage to your contents.

We Can Bring Your Life Back to Order